Military Applications

Military, defense and peace-keeping operations require a variety of resources, top of the list; clean potable water.

A study commissioned by the Defense Departments of France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Greece and Portugal indicate the following water requirements:

  • Drinking / Cooking / General Consumption 95 l / person / day

  • Temporary / Semi Permanent Camps 250 l / person / day

  • Hospital Units 400 l / bed / day

In addition to the water required for individual consumption there are water requirements for vehicle & equipment cleaning and maintenance as well as, more importantly, water required for CBR (Chemical, Biological and Radiological) defense activities and decontamination.

The study indicates the infrastructure requirements including:

  • Pipeline systems,

  • Water tankers,

  • Special cooled containers,

  • Packing and bottling machines,

  • Localized distribution system and pipeline,

  • Elevated storage platforms for enabling distribution by gravity,

  • Large and small water containers.

The Prism Acqua Tech system eliminate and/or minimize the identified infrastructure.

The Prism Acqua Tech system eliminate and/or minimize the identified infrastructure by providing remote, self contained, self sufficient, rugged water to water purification systems.

Our systems produce the daily water required helping to avoid the 'no storage'  guideline that many military units follow.

Produce clean water from industrial wastewater - dramatically reducing water treatment, hauling and disposal activities
Available in increments of
  • 37,500  
  • 75,000 
  • 150,000
liters of clean water per day
Small footprint units, easily transportable, rugged configurations, stand alone
Multiple power options:
  • Wind (3 to 18 m/s)
  • Solar
  • Grid
  • Generator 
  • Hybrid Combinations
Capable of treating feed water with high concentrations of pollutants or salt
No brine disposal
No toxic anti-fouling chemicals; no chemical costs
100% rejection of ions, macromolecules, colloids, biological cells and other non-volatile impurities
Operates at low temperature and low hydrostatic pressures, increasing system safety, reducing costs and extending maintenance cycles

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