The power of water.

PRISM understands the implications of supply water and post processing treatment as it pertains to commercial and industrial processes.  With staff members that have worked in a variety of industries and across the globe Prism brings the scope and depth needed for successful project development, delivery and execution.


Prism supports a variety of industries with their water supply and treatment challenges, including:

Agriculture & Greenhouse Irrigation

Ballast Water

Boiler Feed

Brackish Water

Disaster Relief

Electronics Manufacturing

Environmental Clean Up

Food & Beverage


Hotels & Resorts



Metal works







Power & Energy

Pulp & Paper

Recreational & Swimming




Spotfree (car wash)


Water Recycling

PRISM Water-to-Water Features

In the circular economy,

waste become an asset

Produce clean water from industrial wastewater - dramatically reducing water treatment, hauling and disposal costs
Available in increments of
  • 37,500  
  • 75,000 
  • 150,000
liters of clean water per day
Small footprint units, easily transportable, rugged configurations, stand alone
Multiple power options:
  • Wind (3 to 18 m/s)
  • Solar
  • Grid
  • Generator 
  • Hybrid Combinations
Capable of treating feed water with high concentrations of pollutants or salt.
100% rejection of ions, macromolecules, colloids, biological cells and other non-volatile impurities
Operates at low temperature and low hydrostatic pressures, increasing system safety, reducing costs and extending maintenance cycles
Waste is now a source of profit.
Water-to-Water technology can generate profits by reducing water intake costs, water processing and treatment, haulage and disposal. 
No brine disposal
No toxic anti-fouling chemicals; no chemical costs
Recycling water pays dividends.
In addition to obvious 'water'cost savings, our water-to-water systems, coupled with a heat exchange unit can provide free energy and the filtered products often have value in other markets or can be used in the original process

Lowest Cost, Highest Return per Liter of Water.

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